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Pubs as we know them today were started in England. The tradition of these pubs quickly became a standard around the world and provided visitors to pubs with a wide selection of games and drink containing alcohol. The most common selection of drinks found in pubs are stouts, ales and both local and international beers. The pub has become one of the most well-known places for friends to meet and have a pint for many years now, pubs are dated back to as early as the 19th century.

Pubs are also very different to bars, many people would place the 2 in the same category, but actually there is quite a lot that set them apart. Bars are often the louder ones and offer any alcohols from spirits to wines. Pubs are quieter and provide soft music to their visitors, here visitors will also find more specialized beers and bigger dining options.

The architecture of pubs became very different over the years and started providing additional entertainment services at some pubs. Not all pubs joined in, but those who did were able to offer singing, comedy shows and many more at an additional fee or price per drink.


Festivals are used to get new product of brewers out there and provide a place where all these new beers can be tried and purchased. Most of these festivals attract thousands of people each year. Most counties offer these festivals right throughout the year and manage to get more and more people to attend with each event. More and new brewers also attend these festivals each year that increases the selection of beer and ales available. Some of these festivals also provided a theme, which means only a certain type of beer will be available at the expo.


Pub crawls have become massive events in many countries, but to attend the biggest in the world Australia would be my first suggestion as they have been breaking record for the size of these events since 2005. The event hosted by them is known as the world’s best pub crawl and has been put together for charity reasons.

Pub Laws

Pub laws are dated back as far as the early 1700’s. These laws included that landlords needed to obtain licenses to sell alcohol, some were also required to obtain more than one license depending on the alcohol they are selling. Closing times were also restricted, which people take advantage of by doing lock in’s. Today these laws are a little better, but have also become stricter.

Names and Signs

Those who have visited a few pubs would know how unique the names of these places are. Pub or ale house names have been around for many years and used to offer a recognizable board for all to see, even those who couldn’t read were able to point out the pubs and ale houses. Sign boards these days are funny mostly as they provide quotes and humorous pictures.

World records

Not many people may know about the amazing world records that have been achieved in the pub industry. Almost all of these records have been recorded by the Guinness book of world records. A number of unbelievable records have been set by a number of amazing people.

Pubs also hold a number of interesting facts about themselves, which might not be all about world records, but sure are interesting to know about. Because pubs have been around for so long and have become so popular, there are many things that have taken place over the years.

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