Brewery Industry Increasing In Ireland

Ireland is the birth place of the Guinness Beer, this beer which is now sold in one hundred and two different countries is consumed by millions of people each year. There are five other breweries located in Ireland that people should be aware of as the Brewery industry is now booming in Ireland, local breweries are popping up on a regular occasion.


This has so much become the case that a pub lifestyle is once again being created within Ireland. There are different tour groups that now dedicate themselves to providing group tours to various different pubs, breweries and stores which provide unique beer that cannot be found anywhere else around the globe. It’s now been noted by the author of “The Complete Guide to Irish Craft Beer & Sider” that within the last five years the industry has grown by seventy percent. Local breweries are now selling their products from online websites, shipping them around the world. This is also booming the packaging industry within Ireland.

This is only going to prove to be a profitable venture for Ireland as Germany, Amsterdam and various other locations around the world are known for their tourism coming just for the beer. One of the best thing about the tour groups is that brewery’s will make the beer before a tours arrival, meaning that the beer is only about five minutes old. This’ll be some of the freshest beer ever tasted which is one of the main reasons as to why the Brewery industry is increasing within Ireland.

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