Luke Skywalker Becomes Irish Bartender

Mark Hamill, more commonly known as Luke Skywalker has officially become an Irish Bartender. Though this is just a joke, early on this week Mr. Hamill attended an Irish Bar with fellow Star Wars Cast Members. He practiced his skills at pouring the perfect pint of Guinness Beer, it appears that he was a natural at doing so.

Mark Hamill

Mr. Hamill is currently in Ireland filming for the tenth live action star wars film. The name of this bar is called “The Bridge Bar”. It’s located in County Kerry, Ireland and throughout the years it’s become famous for gaining the nickname “The Catina”. This is exactly what prompted the star wars actors to take a stroll down to the bar.
Mark Hamill is nearly completed filming Star Wars: Episode VIII. Mark has an incredibly long day shooting his scenes, after going to the pub it become apparent to local residents that he was there. This caused for mass hysteria which involved Mr. Hamill taking pictures, signing autographs and more. This only shows how kind of a man he truly is as apparently Mark had to awake only five hours later to once again film more scenes.

None the less all people who were asked stated that Luke Skywalker was more than happy to attend to their desires and please his fans. There were even a few that stated they couldn’t believe he was an actor that he was far too humble for anyone to comprehend. The great atmosphere that Mark created two nights ago at The Bridge Bar will never be forgotten.

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