British Woman Travels Pubs for 21 Years

Mags Thomson, a British Woman from Livingstone has spent the last twenty one years of her life travelling to various Westerspoon Pub’s in Great Britain. This sixty six year old window has visited a total of nine hundred and seventy two different pubs throughout the last two decades. This woman has gone to more chains of this restaurant then the current amount operating.

Westerspoon Pub

This story begins all the way back to 1994 with her husband Ian Thomas. This couple became widely known throughout this chain restaurant. One day when they were on holiday they couldn’t find anything to do as it was boring. Mags then came across the pub and phoned her husband to say “Why don’t we meet here?” Ever since that moment the couple continued to visit the pubs as they traveled. So much so that it became more about the pubs than it did the vacation. They continued these trips for sixteen years, attending seven hundred and eight Wetherspoon’s in the process. Then suddenly in 2010 her husband passed away, Mags lost her confidence to travel and didn’t do so for two years until her friends convinced her to gradually return to these restaurants.

Mags has started her quest up again for the last three years. She’s planning another trip in the upcoming weeks where she’ll spend two weeks travelling around South East Great Britain. She’ll visit the Westerspoon Pubs in Aylesbury, Southend, Aldershot, Shoeburyness and Bishop’s Stortford.

Congratulations are in order for Mag Thomson & Ian Thomas. Keep on traveling until you’ve experienced every one of these pubs in the country.

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