Orlando Beer Festival Underway

Orlando, Florida, one of the most beautiful locations in the state is currently holding their local Beer Festival for the year. A total of 250 various crafts and premium beers from various breweries around the globe will be sampling their beer to the public at Festival Park, Orlando from 12 P.M to 6 P.M.

Orlando, Florida

This is slated to be the most popular Beer Festival yet with an expected total of fifty thousand people attending the event this year. The rules are that those who attend this event must be twenty one years of age, general admission will be bought for $50 or VIP Tickets will be bought for $70. Regardless of which ticket is purchased an array of vendors, live music, wine tasting, games, food and more will be available to be enjoyed,

The event benefits the Milk District Association, a small percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the association for their efforts to better the Orlando community. Though it’s a small percentage when an estimated total of 50,000 people as suspected to attend this event that small percentage will be worth a large amount of money.

As of right now this event has been able to have twenty thousand people attend, being a weeklong event its expected that the majority of those who want to attend who be doing so until the weekend. This is none the less an impressive number for the first two days of the week. The Orlando Beer Festival website has more information for anyone wishing to gain more insight on their activities.