Blackhorse Avenue Pub Has Shooting

Britain, Wales & Ireland are known for having pubs (Bars) which are violent. Unfortunately, this was once again proven as a man has been shot outside of the Blackhorse Avenue Pub. This pub, located on Blackhorse Avenue has never seen this level of violence before. Employee’s whom were working their shifts that night have been utterly shocked by the events that took place before the.

Blackhorse Avenue Pub

The Gardaí were notified moments after this event transpired. The law enforcement agents then cordoned off the scene, not even allowing for media to enter the area. Sources do indicate that this event took place around 5:30 P.M that night, three shots were fired. One of them struck this individual in the head, officers did confirm that this young man did not make it and he officially passed away at 6:15 P.M from severe head trauma and blood loss.

There was also a burnt out car located only a few blocks away from the scene. Officers also notified the media that they believe this car to be owned by the murder of this young man. The Gardaí have also requested that anyone whom knows any information regarding this issue to come forward as it’ll allow for a murder to face justice.

Though violence is high in Ireland, Wales & British Pubs, over the years the violence has gone down in percentage. Officers all around these areas will be on high parole and watch during New Years Eve this year to ensure that events such as this one doesn’t take place again.