E-Cig Ban in Wales Won’t Affect All

Electronic Cigarette’s are being banned throughout Wales in the majority of all pubs. This news isn’t being taken kindly by those whom enjoy vaping or prefer this form of smoking over tobacco based cigarettes. None the less these devices still disperse nicotine throughout the air, it can still cause for second degree lung cancer and it’s becoming a quick health hazard throughout Wales.


The Welsh Government is coping with their citizens though, allowing for a comp for those whom enjoy vaping. All pubs that only serve alcohol, no food of any kind and bans children from entering its premises will be allowed for have E-Cigs smoked indoors legally. This is only right, these young children and those whom don’t smoke, don’t deserve to have to intake the smoke if they wish not to.

It seems that with the new amendments passed this week, the people of Welsh have become more pleased. The restriction of these devices include schools, train stations, colleges, public transportation, universities and any other legal business practice which wishes to ban them. Other changes may be brought forward to the Welsh Government Health & Social Assembly in twelve months’ time.

Workplaces are not open to un-safe work conditions or health hazards. No customer or employee should have to risk their health due to another whom pollutes their body. Luckily the Welsh Government & the majority of the world agree with this. Within Canada & the United States of America, smoking these devices at various locations has been banned for a number of years.