Beer Festivals

Beer festivals are held in many countries around the world and have become famous for selection of beers they feature. Festivals allow members of the public to sample and purchase. These festivals usually offer a number of local beers, which gives the brewers a chance to offer their later brew to the public. Most of these beers are craft brewed in different styles, which gives each of them a different taste and texture. These festivals sometimes also carry a theme, for example winter beers. The word Beerex is commonly used with these festivals as it comes from the work beer expedition, this was coins in the mid 70’s.

German Beer Festivals

Many who know about beer festivals will know that Octoberfest in Germany is actually not a beer festival, but rather a folk festival. This is definitely one of the most famous festivals in the world and a beer expedition will be available, but its not what the festival is focused on.

Beer Festivals

Germany provides a number of other festivals that are also very well known throughout the world and attended by international visitors. The Cannstatter volffest is hosted in Stuttgart. This festival is more about the beer expedition and will start 1 week after Octoberfest. This event also attracts a massive amount of people both local and international.

British beer festivals

Beer festivals in Britain are a lot more focused on real ale droughts, but will also offer normal local and international bottled beers and ciders. Many of these festivals are put together by CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) or charities, pubs, sporting societies and even the brewers themselves. These festivals are mostly run by volunteers, which allows members to enter the festival without paying a fee most of the time.

In Britain larger festivals are also available. These will usually take place indoor, which makes it easier for management and also for members attending the festival. Beer is widely available at these festivals as brewers show up with kegs by the 100. Members attending are required to play an entrance fee, which will usually include the deposit for the glass per person. The beers can then be purchased by the glass. Many festivals work with tokens as well, which means member can exchange cash and receive tokens instead to purchase their beers.

Smaller festivals usually take place in meeting halls, which makes the festival smaller, but still far from tiny. These are usually get up by CAMRA branches in the area and these festivals are mostly themed for winter beer expeditions and so on.

In England is also heard of that pubs would have their own festivals. This doesn’t include a massive festival and is usually held within the pub or a tent just outside. The ales or beers are provided with a hand pump keg. These smaller festivals can last a few days over a long weekend or sometime just a normal weekend at a time.

Canadian beer festivals

The most famous beer festival in Canada is by far the Great Canadian Beer Festival, which is also known world wide and visited by many from around the word. The festival has been on the go since 1993 and grows bigger ever year with attractions of over 7,000 visitors, more than 40 craft brewers.

Canada also provides an amazing 9 day beer festival, which is called Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest. The festival has been around since 1969 and comes from the German invented Oktoberfest. The festival starts the Friday before Canadian thanksgiving and remains open till the Sunday thereafter.

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