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E-Cig Ban in Wales Won’t Affect All

Electronic Cigarette’s are being banned throughout Wales in the majority of all pubs. This news isn’t being taken kindly by those whom enjoy vaping or prefer this form of smoking over tobacco based cigarettes. None the less these devices still disperse nicotine throughout the air, it can still cause for second degree lung cancer and it’s becoming a quick health hazard throughout Wales.


The Welsh Government is coping with their citizens though, allowing for a comp for those whom enjoy vaping. All pubs that only serve alcohol, no food of any kind and bans children from entering its premises will be allowed for have E-Cigs smoked indoors legally. This is only right, these young children and those whom don’t smoke, don’t deserve to have to intake the smoke if they wish not to.

It seems that with the new amendments passed this week, the people of Welsh have become more pleased. The restriction of these devices include schools, train stations, colleges, public transportation, universities and any other legal business practice which wishes to ban them. Other changes may be brought forward to the Welsh Government Health & Social Assembly in twelve months’ time.

Workplaces are not open to un-safe work conditions or health hazards. No customer or employee should have to risk their health due to another whom pollutes their body. Luckily the Welsh Government & the majority of the world agree with this. Within Canada & the United States of America, smoking these devices at various locations has been banned for a number of years.

Blackhorse Avenue Pub Has Shooting

Britain, Wales & Ireland are known for having pubs (Bars) which are violent. Unfortunately, this was once again proven as a man has been shot outside of the Blackhorse Avenue Pub. This pub, located on Blackhorse Avenue has never seen this level of violence before. Employee’s whom were working their shifts that night have been utterly shocked by the events that took place before the.

Blackhorse Avenue Pub

The Gardaí were notified moments after this event transpired. The law enforcement agents then cordoned off the scene, not even allowing for media to enter the area. Sources do indicate that this event took place around 5:30 P.M that night, three shots were fired. One of them struck this individual in the head, officers did confirm that this young man did not make it and he officially passed away at 6:15 P.M from severe head trauma and blood loss.

There was also a burnt out car located only a few blocks away from the scene. Officers also notified the media that they believe this car to be owned by the murder of this young man. The Gardaí have also requested that anyone whom knows any information regarding this issue to come forward as it’ll allow for a murder to face justice.

Though violence is high in Ireland, Wales & British Pubs, over the years the violence has gone down in percentage. Officers all around these areas will be on high parole and watch during New Years Eve this year to ensure that events such as this one doesn’t take place again.

Orlando Beer Festival Underway

Orlando, Florida, one of the most beautiful locations in the state is currently holding their local Beer Festival for the year. A total of 250 various crafts and premium beers from various breweries around the globe will be sampling their beer to the public at Festival Park, Orlando from 12 P.M to 6 P.M.

Orlando, Florida

This is slated to be the most popular Beer Festival yet with an expected total of fifty thousand people attending the event this year. The rules are that those who attend this event must be twenty one years of age, general admission will be bought for $50 or VIP Tickets will be bought for $70. Regardless of which ticket is purchased an array of vendors, live music, wine tasting, games, food and more will be available to be enjoyed,

The event benefits the Milk District Association, a small percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the association for their efforts to better the Orlando community. Though it’s a small percentage when an estimated total of 50,000 people as suspected to attend this event that small percentage will be worth a large amount of money.

As of right now this event has been able to have twenty thousand people attend, being a weeklong event its expected that the majority of those who want to attend who be doing so until the weekend. This is none the less an impressive number for the first two days of the week. The Orlando Beer Festival website has more information for anyone wishing to gain more insight on their activities.

British Woman Travels Pubs for 21 Years

Mags Thomson, a British Woman from Livingstone has spent the last twenty one years of her life travelling to various Westerspoon Pub’s in Great Britain. This sixty six year old window has visited a total of nine hundred and seventy two different pubs throughout the last two decades. This woman has gone to more chains of this restaurant then the current amount operating.

Westerspoon Pub

This story begins all the way back to 1994 with her husband Ian Thomas. This couple became widely known throughout this chain restaurant. One day when they were on holiday they couldn’t find anything to do as it was boring. Mags then came across the pub and phoned her husband to say “Why don’t we meet here?” Ever since that moment the couple continued to visit the pubs as they traveled. So much so that it became more about the pubs than it did the vacation. They continued these trips for sixteen years, attending seven hundred and eight Wetherspoon’s in the process. Then suddenly in 2010 her husband passed away, Mags lost her confidence to travel and didn’t do so for two years until her friends convinced her to gradually return to these restaurants.

Mags has started her quest up again for the last three years. She’s planning another trip in the upcoming weeks where she’ll spend two weeks travelling around South East Great Britain. She’ll visit the Westerspoon Pubs in Aylesbury, Southend, Aldershot, Shoeburyness and Bishop’s Stortford.

Congratulations are in order for Mag Thomson & Ian Thomas. Keep on traveling until you’ve experienced every one of these pubs in the country.

Luke Skywalker Becomes Irish Bartender

Mark Hamill, more commonly known as Luke Skywalker has officially become an Irish Bartender. Though this is just a joke, early on this week Mr. Hamill attended an Irish Bar with fellow Star Wars Cast Members. He practiced his skills at pouring the perfect pint of Guinness Beer, it appears that he was a natural at doing so.

Mark Hamill

Mr. Hamill is currently in Ireland filming for the tenth live action star wars film. The name of this bar is called “The Bridge Bar”. It’s located in County Kerry, Ireland and throughout the years it’s become famous for gaining the nickname “The Catina”. This is exactly what prompted the star wars actors to take a stroll down to the bar.
Mark Hamill is nearly completed filming Star Wars: Episode VIII. Mark has an incredibly long day shooting his scenes, after going to the pub it become apparent to local residents that he was there. This caused for mass hysteria which involved Mr. Hamill taking pictures, signing autographs and more. This only shows how kind of a man he truly is as apparently Mark had to awake only five hours later to once again film more scenes.

None the less all people who were asked stated that Luke Skywalker was more than happy to attend to their desires and please his fans. There were even a few that stated they couldn’t believe he was an actor that he was far too humble for anyone to comprehend. The great atmosphere that Mark created two nights ago at The Bridge Bar will never be forgotten.

Contiki Offers Oktoberfest Trip

Contiki is a relatively new travel agency that works in a manner that’s never before been seen. They design trips for the youth (18-35) all around the world. This way those who wish to travel can do so in a group when finding a travel buddy can be difficult. One of the trips they offer is a trip to Germany during Oktoberfest, allowing for those who love beer festivals to experience the original one in the heart of Germany.


This trip allows for three different options. The first is through hotels, the second is through hostiles and the third is by camping. The hotel option is the most expensive, staying in a hostile is the second most expensive option and camping is the least expensive. During this trip whomever goes on it will arrive in London, England and then travel to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest. Traveling will done through a buss but those who attend will experience true German culture and also be able to see the White Cliffs of Dover.

It seems this trip has been a fan favorite. There is also a trip which allows for you to go to Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day, another Beer Festival that is famous around the globe. These trips are around the corner though which means those who wish to attend it must book now. Contiki has proven themselves to be a safe travel agency that provides safe travel, each of their trips are a fun experience and this Oktoberfest trip will be no different.

Brewery Industry Increasing In Ireland

Ireland is the birth place of the Guinness Beer, this beer which is now sold in one hundred and two different countries is consumed by millions of people each year. There are five other breweries located in Ireland that people should be aware of as the Brewery industry is now booming in Ireland, local breweries are popping up on a regular occasion.


This has so much become the case that a pub lifestyle is once again being created within Ireland. There are different tour groups that now dedicate themselves to providing group tours to various different pubs, breweries and stores which provide unique beer that cannot be found anywhere else around the globe. It’s now been noted by the author of “The Complete Guide to Irish Craft Beer & Sider” that within the last five years the industry has grown by seventy percent. Local breweries are now selling their products from online websites, shipping them around the world. This is also booming the packaging industry within Ireland.

This is only going to prove to be a profitable venture for Ireland as Germany, Amsterdam and various other locations around the world are known for their tourism coming just for the beer. One of the best thing about the tour groups is that brewery’s will make the beer before a tours arrival, meaning that the beer is only about five minutes old. This’ll be some of the freshest beer ever tasted which is one of the main reasons as to why the Brewery industry is increasing within Ireland.

Houston Beer Festival Kicks Off

Houston is the most recognizable cities in Texas, it is known for being a tropical metropolis that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. One of the big tourist events of the year now is the “Houston Beer Festival” which is now in its fifth year. Riff Raff, an upcoming rapper in Northern American is heading the fifth annual beer festival while viewers can hear his tunes they can try out all the beer from the local breweries. Many people will be getting drunk during this weekend festival.

Houston Beer Festival

There’ll also be an array of other local stars who’ll be attending the festival for a live music performance. Those local stars include Wheel Workers, Chamillionaire, Electric Attitude, MuteMath, Quiet Company, Hayes Carll, Mile & the Drags, Venomous Maximum, Scarface and Craig Kinsey. The ticket prices are only $35 a person which is a small amount considering all the beer that can be sampled & all the live music available to be viewed.

Those around the area can go to the musical festival in Hermann Square located in Downtown Houston. The weather is going to be rather hot which will only make the beer that much better & the music that much louder. There are more details available for everyone to look at on the official site. There is going to be more than fifty different breweries attending this festival, no charge is required for a sample but getting a six pack or more will require money. Color Blind Red IPA is one of the beers that is said to steal the show this year.

Bars Opening Earlier for Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is one of the most beloved aspects of Canadian culture, if there was an old west for Canada than it would be in the parries. Luckily for the diehard fans of the Calgary Stampede restaurants, bars and lounges will all be opening far earlier than they previously did before. They’ll be opening on 7:30 A.M. which is a far earlier time than around 6 P.M. at night.

Calgary Stampede

It’s become a tradition as well for the real fans of the stampede to have their own private parties. This is the main reason as to why the bars, lounges and restaurants to open earlier than before. It’s meant to cater to those who enjoy having the private parties. This isn’t the first time that this has happened as the AGLC (Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission) has done this for a number of years now. Fans can expect to enjoy their favorite beers with a massive pancake breakfast while enjoying the Stampede in front of them, a tradition that has become a fan favorite in Canada.

The Calgary Stampede takes place during July 3rd to July 12th, millions of people from all around Canada come to the stampede every year to enjoy Olympic & Old Western like events. Those wishing to go to the Calgary Stampede this year won’t be able to do so as all hotels, motels and stay ins are full for the week or so of the Stampede. It’s recommended that hotels, motels and stay ins be booked nearly a year in advance for the Stampede.