Difference between Pubs and Bars

Many people out there associate bar with pubs and the other way around because both provide alcohol, but actually these 2 are fairly different when you look into the history and products they provide. Breaking down each aspect of the 2 will explain what makes them so different. Both pubs and bars are available worldwide and are open to public, 24 hours pubs and bar are available depending on the country and regulations of that country.


Bar menus usually don’t offer a massive selection of foods to their visitors. However, they will provide snacks and small dishes like pizzas and managers baskets, which consists of fried chips, wings or other finger snacks. Bar provide more snacks than anything else.


Pubs on the other hand are known for providing a bigger menu and include full meals with deserts and salads. This is also where pub lunches come from as they are known to offer unique dishes, which includes anything from burgers, ribs and steaks.


Bars are known to offers a much greater selection of alcohol. These include spirits, cocktails, well known beers, ciders, wine, shooters and hard liquor. Most bars will feature alcohol drinks offered on an international scale.

Pubs are more there to provide the local beers, most will also offer international beers, but their main purpose is to offer droughts of beers and ales. Visitors will also find some wines and ciders at pubs.


Bars usually don’t allow any persons under the age limit, which is usually set at 18, however some bars will require an age limit of 21 or even 25 years of age. Bars usually allow smoking anywhere and due to regulations of most countries it would be illegal for minors to enter the bar.

Pubs provide designated smoking areas and also provide dining options. For this reason visitors under age will be allowed, but drinking alcohol will be prohibited for any persons under the minimum age limit, which is usually set at 18 years of age. Some pubs also provide entertainment areas for children.


In bars loud music is usually played and dance floors are offered. Food is also limited if offered at all. Bars that provides foods will usually close their kitchens fairly early in the evenings as not a lot of food is ordered. Bars are there to provide alcohol to visitors. Many visitors also do bar hopping, which means multiple bars are visited one after another.

Pubs are a lot more relaxed and offer soft music played in the background while meals can be ordered and drinks can be enjoyed. Pub kitchens usually stay open longer and will only close down along with the pub.


Bars are fully licensed to offer alcohol beverages. They are usually name after the bar on which drinks are served. Bars are definitely more set for people who would like a quick beer or meeting up with friends before having a night out. Bars are much louder and often they will provide pool as entertainment.

Pubs are also licensed to serve alcohol, but will keep to the basic things, which includes good beers, ciders and wines. Pubs are more for family lunches and and dining where children can be entertained and not be exposed to smoke or being able to get alcohol.

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