Drinking games in pubs

Bars and pubs have quickly become famous for the games they offer and unique form of entertainment they provide. Another way of having fun at bars and pubs is with drinking games. Most of these have been worked out while at an actual pub with a group of mates. Some of the games have been somewhat copied from other games, but more just the rule book to make it fair to all players. The following will provide 10 of the most famous pubs drinking games ever, many of these are played around the world.

Beer Pong

Beer pong is widely known around the world as has become to famous that its played on a professional level as well. The game has also become a favorite among pubs. Many pubs host tournaments for beer pong where contenders and spectators come in great amounts.

Drinking games

The game is played on a table the same size as table tennis. There are 2 teams at a time that will play from either side. Each team has a number of cups, which will be filled with beer before the game starts. The game is played with a plastic ping pong ball, which members from each team will need to through in the cups of the other team. When this is achieved the other team needs to drink the beer in the cup. The cup will then be removed and the game will continue.

Quarter bounce

Also known as quarters is a game that has also obtained a very well-known status. The game is played with a shot glass and a quarter. The game will require at least 2 players who need to roll the quarter on their nose and try get it into the glass. If the player fails they are required to drink.


Also known as B.S. the game is played with cards and is very easy. A player will simply draw 1 or more cards and place it face down on the table. If more than one card is drawn it will need to hold the same suit. You will then provide a value, which can be the correct or incorrect amount. Should another player think you providing the wrong amount B.S. can be called. If the correct amount was provided and B.S. is called they will need to drink, but if the wrong value was provided by you and B.S. is called you will need to drink.


Spoons is extremely easy to play and understand and will become real tricky when players have had a few drinks. The game works with cards, which will be divided up between all the players. The cards are randomly divided and each player will receive a spoon (except one), which stays on the table. For example, of 5 players are present, only 4 spoons will be used. The players will then start to deal out the cards they were provided, but will need to stay sharp and watch the other players. Once a player has run out of cards all players will need to grab a spoon, the player without a spoon will need to drink and the game will start over.


A-hole is also played with cards as well and will require at least 2 players. One of which will need to control the game and tell players weather to put down a higher or lower value of the card displayed on the table. The first person to finish wins and the last will lose and needs to drink.

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