Interesting Facts about pubs in Dublin

Dublin also has a number of pubs, people may consider Dublin to be fairly small, but when its consider that they actually have over 660 pubs, people step back and have a second look. Dublin actually has a population of just over 500,000 people, which means there is a pub for every 800 to 900 people.

Dublin is actually home to a number of very impressive pub themes, but also follows very strict rules. Quentin Tarrantino walked into one of these pubs once at closing time demanding he be served irrespective of the time. The pub landlord refused and told him rules that apply to one, apply to all. Pubs in this great city have been famous for many reasons, which also include movies. A pub called the hairy lemon is famous for the movie scenes that have been created there.

The Gravediggers

The Gravediggers (also known as Kavanagh’s) in Glasnevin, has been run since 1833 by the same family. The pub acquired the strange name due to the graveyard behind it. Gravediggers busy in the graveyard used to knock on the back wall of the pub to ask for a pint after a long day. The pub used to serve them through the back. Today the pub no longer exists and has been replaced by a shopping centre.

Darky Kelly’s is the name of a pub, which has been around for a few hundred years. The pub acquired its name from a woman who was burnt to death in 1746 after the sheriff of the town accused her of witchcraft. The true story behind this is actually that the sheriff had been engaging in an affair with Darkly Kelly who fell pregnant. The sheriff took advantage of his say in the town and decided it would be the easiest way to escape his unfaithfulness to him own family.

Some have taken the time to find the beer with the highest alcohol content level in an Ireland pub. It came out to be a beer called Samichlaus. The contains 14% alcohol, however these results were wrong as a short while later it came to view that a beer called Sink the Bismark had an alcohol content level of 41%. This is by far the highest in alcohol level for a beer in Dublin and possibly the world.

The price of beer in Ireland has increased a massive amount over the years, even though most of these beers are local and not imports the price to make the beer and the cost of living has increased drastically. A record from 1822 shows that a pint of beer cost 100 times less than it does now.

Joe Casey is well known in Dublin as the man who has run a pub for the longest continues time. Joe started working in a pub way back in 1954. It’s cannot be confirmed when if Joe still works at the bar.

The temple pub in Dublin hosted a Guinness work record event, which lasted 114 hours and 20 minutes to complete. The record was for the man who played the guitar non-stop for the longest. A total of 1,372 songs were played during this period.

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