Interesting Facts about Pubs

There are loads of facts and interesting things that many people out there are not aware of when it comes to pubs. World records have been set by pub, things you may not have known and so on. Pubs have been around for many centuries and have come up with a way of doing things like no other. Pubs provide a lot more than just a watering hole for those thirsty for a cold or warm beer. Here we will look at some of the world’s most interesting facts about pubs.

Did you know that in the UK alone there are more than 60,000 pubs? Well it’s true, in fact in Meanningtree, Essex a total of 900 residents can be found and in this small town visitors will also find 5 pubs. In Rhayader, Wales with just over 2,000 residents a total of 12 pubs can be found there.

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In the UK statistics have shown that up to 15 million people visit a pub once a week. This is a massive amount and it keeps the pubs going with a massive amount of customers. This is also why so many pubs are available in the UK. The reason pubs are so popular in the UK is because they offer a much bigger variety then just drinks.

Many pubs in the UK have rather long names. This is because many of them are named after famous war figures or royal occurrences within the country. Many of them have different ways of naming their pubs, but the longest name for a pub is known as “The old thirteenth Cheshire Astley volunteer rifleman corps inn”. This pub is in Manchester.

There are many stations for the underground train available in the UK. Some of these stations have been named after famous pubs that are available close to the station. These include Angel, Swiss Cottage, Royal Oak, Elephant and Castle and finally Manor House pub.

As you know pubs are all over and are available in all different sizes and locations. Some pubs are tiny and only offer a very limited amount of beers, ales and wines. The smallest of them all in the UK is called the nutshell and provides a total size of just 10 square meters. The biggest of all is the moon under water pub. This pub is 820 square meters and will provide a massive selection of drinks and entertainment. The old forge pub is the most remote and cannot be reached with a car. Mountain walks of 29km are required, or a trip via the ocean will be needed to get to this pub, which is located in Scotland.

Most pubs around today are a few hundred years old and still manage to provide modern entertainment to their guests, but what is the oldest of them all, well a pub in England has been around since the 11th century and stands on a site from the 8th century. This means the pub or over 1,000 years old.

Think you visit pubs too often? Well, Bruce Masters holds the world record for the highest amount of pubs visited across the UK. Bruce has managed to visit over 45,000 pubs and also hold the world record, which I think might be hard to beat.

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