Irish themed Pubs

Irish pubs haven’t been around nearly as long as English pubs. Irish pubs are also more of a set theme than anything else. These pubs are usually established and run by Irish immigrants. Many of these pubs have been criticized due to a lack of authenticity and for the lack of connection to the Irish Diaspora.

A company called the Irish pub company was establishing in 1991 and did a massive amount of research on pubs in Ireland. Loaded with all this information they started to provide proper themes, designs, entertainment and food. The company was one of the finalists in the fit out rewards in 2012. They provide in amazing design and strive to keep things original for the pubs they design.

irish themed pub

Guinness, one of the biggest beer companies around today decided to back the company and acquired them as concept designers for Irish pubs. The success of the company came about as they mastered the design in great depth and started to build a company with a great amount of passion for what they do. They are responsible for over 1,000 designs and over 500 outlets.

Irish pubs took on a lot more than most pubs a few centuries ago as they provided a supermarket set up before grocery stores came about. Pubs used to offer small sections of groceries and even hardware in some pubs to provide convenience to their visitors. Some of the publicans also took on the role of an undertaker, which is still commonly practiced in the republic of Ireland.

In the 19th century grocery stores were coming along and many pubs lost the grocery side to their business. In north Ireland landlords had to choose between they licensed business or a grocery store, due to this none of these shops containing both can be found there. Most of these pubs were fairly small and did not have space for both a bar and pub at the same time. This made it difficult for customers attending to either side. Pubs would lose customers due to space, and the grocery section would lose customers when the pub was too busy and the grocery section could not be reached.

A wine shop called The Crown Liquor Saloon could be found in Belfast and was owned by the national trust. This is the city’s oldest bar as it has been established since 1630. The pub was started as a wine shop and also went through the grocery section when it became fashion.

In North America Irish pubs exist in just about every town. The pubs are very famous there and started to become popular in the 19th century as Irish immigrants made their way into North America in 1840. The pubs were claimed to have been developed in Ireland and transported to the U.S. to ensure authenticity was guaranteed. These pubs became popular really fast and provided a great amount of business for these pubs. Soon more of these pubs were opened across American.

Today Irish themed pubs are to be found everywhere. The theme spread across the ocean with a great speed and these pubs rocketed up all around the world. An estimated 7,000 pubs with Irish themes exit today and many more seem to be showing up as they go along.

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