License and Laws

Licenses for pubs have been around since the 17th century and a lot of changes have been made to these laws over the years. These days many different laws and regulations apply to pubs and bars. Each country provides different laws and will be able to change these laws when required or when additional laws need to be placed. Pub landlords will need to follow these laws to avoid fines or being closed down. The laws are strict, but each of them have a reason for being.

Different laws also apply to the different locations of pubs, which means a pub in the centre of a busy city may have a few different regulations than that out in the country side. Opening a pub of your own these days could be difficult, but far from impossible when the right licenses are obtained, and many only realize the reasons of the different laws in place once the pub is up and running. Laws also apply to people who visit these pubs and it will be their responsibility to follow these laws when visiting a pub.

Open Hours

In England there used to be very strict laws about closing hours for pubs and bars. All bars were required to close down at a certain time at night and would be fined if not followed. This added a lot of strain to policing as people visiting the pub would become violent when told to leave. This became a problem as all pubs were closing at the same time, which meant police were required to race around town trying to get to all these pubs at the same time.

License and Laws

The law from the licensing act of 2003 was brought into England in 2005 that changed these laws and allow pubs to request their own hours. Many pubs applied to be able to sell alcohol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many other pubs did not change their hours and remained with the original hours when the old laws were still being used, however many of these pubs decided to stay open later on weekends. The law was seen as unfit by many as 24 hour drinking at pubs would now be possible. Many people saw concern and did not agree with these laws. In 2006 and 07 well over 200,000 admissions were caused directly due to the new pub hour laws.

Smoking Laws

Smoking laws have become extremely strict over the last few years and has also had a massive impact on pubs around the world. The laws were firstly implemented in Scotland that said no smoking within enclosed public places will be allowed. The law started in 2006 and had spread over to both Wales and England in 2007. Great concerns were raised by pub landlords and massive sale losses will occur due to this law. 2 years later England had changed the their law and allowed a mixed law to be used. This allowed selected bars to allow smoking or a separate section of the bar.

Lock In

Lock in’s started early in the 1900 and were used to get past the laws set for pubs to close. Lock in’s were simple, but worked really well, participants who were interested in having a few more drinks after the required closing time could give the landlord money to keep till after closing time. Once closing time had been reached the pub boors will be closed and participants in the pub would remain inside for what was now a private party. The money given to the landlord was then paid back in drinks, which ensure no alcohol was sold after closing time.

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