Pub Crawling

Pub crawls are fairly common around England and other countries offering pubs. This is when a group of people decide on a night out and go drinking, but instead of remaining at 1 bar they travel to several during the night. With pubs these are usually planned completely random as the next drink designation will be decided on over a beer at the current pub. Pub crawling has been around since the 19th century and has become a great way to meet new people, see new designations and also discover new pubs around the local town or a strange town. The event has also become a great entertainment method for tourists visiting from other designations. Sometimes groups would split up during a pub crawl night and agree to meet up again later in the evening at another pub to carry on with the experience.

Pub Crawling

Many pub crawling experiences used to include a group of men who would go around to different pubs and drink only a small glass of wine at each one. As the day or night progressed these groups would start to sing traditional songs that were associated with pubs, these are called txikiteo or chiquiteo. In later years women also joined in the fun, which had pubs extend their variety of drinks.

Biggest Pub Crawl in the World

The biggest pub crawl took place in 2009 on the 14th of June. The event took place in Queensland, Australia and according to the Guinness book of world records 4,718 participants to place in this record. The record was know as the worlds greatest pub crawl. The event has been going on since 2005 and has broken world records every year. The proceeds going to charities. In 2010 the event donated the proceeding to prostate cancer.

Adelaide university also hosts a annual pub crawling event, which takes place at 34 different pubs. The event requires all participants to wear identical shirt, which can be bought before the event. The shirts can also be purchased to non attending members who are interested in supporting the cause. In 2013 the even sold 5,127 shirts.

Other Pub crawls

In Iceland a national beer day occurs on Match the first of each year. A runtur on the day will provide a great way to get to know all the bars and pubs in the area. The pubs are known to stay open till 4 am on this day.

In North America a monthly event is open to public called run a tab. The event is managed and organized by WeRunSanAntonio and started with a 5 mile run, which started at Sunset station and came to an end at the Blue Star Brewery & Art complex. Since them the even route had to me modified as the even grew bigger. The event now attracts more than 500 people each month. At the finish line 5 pubs are available where participants will be able to enjoy a pub lunch and a pint. The event is open to public and requires no entrance fee.

There are many different pub crawl events that take place across the year in many different countries. These crawls are sometime just for fun or to promote new pubs in areas. Others are there for charities that happen to collect quite a large sum of money for the cause the crawl is being done. These events are a lot of fun and happen to be a great way to meet new people.

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