Pub Entertainment

Pub entertainment was only introduced long after pubs actually started. It not until the lounge and saloons were brought into pubs where entertainment started. Saloons were the first to provide a selection of different entertainment options in different pubs. Not all pubs had saloons bad in the day, but those who did offered lounges and saloons usually had a separate room at the back.

In these rooms visitors were able to enjoy live shows consisting of standup comedy, dancing and many other forms of entertainment, which even included strip shows at some pubs. Entertainment in pubs only grew from there, however the live show idea seemed to have faded over the years as pubs with saloons got karaoke machines and jukeboxes instead. These types of bars also became expensive and abandoned due to high prices. This is because landlords of these pubs began to ask higher prices for drinks due to the entertainment offered. People chose to return to the traditional bar when this occurred.

Pub Entertainment

At the traditional bad entertainment was also being upgraded as they started to offer different games and options for their guests to enjoy. These included darts, pool/snooker, skittles, card games, dominoes and far beyond. Guests could enjoy these games at no additional cost, except when pool or snooker was being played. As one can imagine this quickly became fairly famous among pubs as a calm environment could be enjoyed with all the available games. Many games became famous this way as they were being played more often among pubs everywhere. After some time new games also came to existence, which were developed by many of the members who attended these pubs.

In modern times these pubs also went over to video games, which could be found in a different room or sometimes in a corner at the pub. Slot machines also became a big thing is pubs in the 90’s. Pubs saw a great demand for these games and started to have tournaments where players were invited to come play games while challenging others and having a meal and a beer at the same time. Tournaments became very popular as more and more people started to grow interested in it. Pubs used the tournaments in many ways and started to offer tournaments for anything from building puzzles though to karaoke.

Other pubs decided to offer entertainment options and decided to provide big screens and invites to big sport events including football and rugby. These pubs were seen as the sports bars we know today and also became a favorite very quickly as guests were able to enjoy full lunches, deserts and salads to go with their favorite sports. In keeping with the sport these some pubs also put together teams for bowling. This is when some pubs around the country jumped and got bowling grounds and gathered a team of their own. Different pubs then had challenges and hosted for the other team. These were never extremely serious games and were there more as a fun gathering and an enjoyable game.

Pubs landlords tried many different forms of entertainment of which many were successful, but there were also many who failed. Some pubs provided a space for local bands to come perform, which also attracted massive amounts of visitors to the pub as no additional fees were changed.

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