Pub Life in General

Pubs have been around for many years, in fact they are dated back to the 19th century where they were traced back to the Roman times, which was used to develop a modern tile house system, this was called the Anglo-Saxon alehouse.

Today, pubs are found all over and offer a wide selection of local as well as international beer, wines, soft drinks and spirits. Not all puts will be able to offer import beers as they are more focused on the local market. Samuel Pepys once described pubs to be the heart of England. Many would agree with him as pubs are found all over England and can be visited any time of the year as hot beverages are also offered.

Pubs in England

England offers a massive variety of pubs that come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are found in main streets and others are a little more difficult to find. For example; The Berney Arms pub located in Norfork. This pub provides no road access, which means you are required to walk. The nearby railway station called Berney Arms railway station also can only be found on foot, so at the end of a hard day, the station and pub actually provide a great place to have a pint before heading home. With the pub a small shop, gift shop and tea room, which also provides a destination where you can get the small things needed at home.

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England also provides a number of famous pubs like The Eagle in Cambridge. This pub is located opposite Cavendish Laboratory. At the pub James Watson and Francis Crack announced that they have discovered the secret of life, which was the structure of DNA. The same pub has devoted the ceiling of the back bar to second world war pilots where many of them have signed the ceiling and is now known as the Raf room in the pub.

The smallest bar known today is located in Edmunds, Suffolk. The pub is called the Nutshell and is only 5×2 meters. The Guinness book of World records claim the pub has been in existence since 1867 and is still up and running.

Pubs in Canada

In Canada there used to be laws that banned public drinking establishments, these laws were lifted one province at a time from the 1920’s, which only allowed males above the legal age to consume alcohol. Games and entertainment at these establishments were still not allowed, which made these pub solely for consuming alcohol.

Since the second world war pubs in Canada changed, this was due to service men and women who had returned after service in England. The English tradition was quickly carried over and pubs in Canada started to serve stouts and ales. Pub games also became available and included pool/snooker, darts and other games. Pubs also became available to both sexes as Canada adapted to the U.K. Pub style completely, this also spread out to America, which lead to this type of bar becoming the most popular during the 60’s and 70’s. Canadian taverns can be found in parts of northern Canada and still provide the long tables as well as bench linings.

Pubs are famous around the world and have change a great amount over the years. Most of them however have kept to tradition and kept is a great gathering place where pub games are played while enjoying a pint or 2 with mates.

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