Pub Names

Pub names have been known to be very unique and well thought out. Many of these names are actually presented with a board, which will have a picture on it to present the pub theme, humor or a brand they are trying to promote. Pubs names that provide pictures that have been used many times for those who couldn’t read a few years centuries ago. These members of the public were able to recognize the pub name from the picture.

Pubs often possessed names, which includes famous kings and war heroes. This gave the pub respect in a way and the pub was expected to carry a certain level of service to carry this mightily name. Common pub names included Marquis of Granby, these names were commonly combined in different ways to reach different pub names. The name came about from a general on the British army around the 18th century.

Pub Names

There are also many pubs out there that possess names from cleaver phrases like the bag O’ nails. Pub names and pictures were often updated to suit current happenings in society. They would either joke about thee happenings in a respectful way, or add a part to their sign to inform people. The pub would always return to the original name after the news or event has passed.


In 1393 sign boards were required outside places where ale was sold. King Richard II requested that everyone brewing ale were to have a sign outside or lose their ale. The signs were then created to ensure they are seen clearly and could easily be found in town.

The alehouses were then inspected and the ale was tried by a team of inspectors as requested by the king. One of these inspectors was John Shakespeare, who was the father of William Shakespeare.

Some ale houses back in this time did not bother with names as the pubs were recognized by the picture outside. Many people are could not read, which meant a name for the pub wouldn’t be useful whatsoever.

Ale houses and pub signs were often created with different materials to create the pictures they hold. Many pub signs were created to provide part of the brewing process, a story or a logo. Some ale houses also took on nicknames, puns and farming terms. Town events were often memorized into pub sign. Depending on where the pub could be found there signs would also bare something of the king including the coat of arms as they were on the land of the king.

Today many pubs still have the signboards above their door to provide the same function as they did back in the day. However, these boards are more for customers now and no much for inspectors, although they still show up from time to time. Pubs today also provide all other kinds of unique and sometimes humorous signs throughout the pub. These include different signs for the ladies and gents facilities, signs for the bar and also signs to help visitors find their way. Most pubs also provide chalkboards, on which the landlord would be able to display funny quotes, special, new meals added to the menu and many more. Signs have become a big part of pubs and have become expected in their own way.

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