Pub World Records

People are always attempting to break work records and get themselves into the Guinness book of world records. Records for pub related things also appear in the book and offer a number of amazing achievements that will be difficult to beat. Records range from the biggest pub crawl to the biggest beer mat structure in the world. There are 100’s of world records that will be able to fall into this category, but here we will be looking at the top 10 throughout the world.

Biggest pub Crawl

The biggest pub crawl has been breaking world records since 2005 and manages to continue breaking these records every year. The event takes place in Australia and has reached a total participant count over 4,700 people in the last record. The event takes place each year and attracts people from around the world to take place. All proceeds are gathered and donated to charity after the event.

Smallest commercial brewery

Breweries are known to be fairly big buildings as the beer needs to be brewed, bottled and stored among many other things.

Pub World Records

However, Bragdy Gwynant in Wales has taken this in a different direction and went for the smallest brewery in the world. The record is in the Guinness book of world records and offers a maximum brewing capacity of only 40.9 L per batch.

Largest beer mat

On September 15th, 2002 a new world record was set for the largest beer mat ever created. The record has been recorded by the Guinness book of records to measure an amazing 15 meters in diameter and 6 cm in thickness. The record took place in Denmark.

Longest Bar

Another world record was set in 1989 for the longest bar ever. The record took place in Ohio, USA and has been recorded by Guinness. The bar is an continues 123.7 m long and provides 56 beer taps, and an amazing 160 bar stools.

Biggest Beer Glass

The biggest beer glass ever recorded by the Guinness book of records occurred in California, USA. The record took place over the 21st of November in 2009 and had a total capacity of 1,499 litters.

Fastest known time to open 2,000 beer bottles

On October 12, 2009 Guinness recorded a world record for the fastest opening of 2,000 beers bottles. The record was set in Croatia by Krunoslav Budiselic with a time of 28 minutes and 11 seconds.

Biggest Beer Mat Structure

August 16 in 2004 a record was set in Germany by a man named Sven Goebel for the biggest beer mat structure. No glue or adhesive was used whatsoever, the structure was purely built with nothing but beer mats. A total of 70,000 mats are used to build the 3 m tall structure. The structure measured 5 m wide.

Largest collection of bar towels

Robert Begley holds the world record for the biggest collection of bar towels in the world. The Guinness records claim that Robert has a total of 2,372 bar towels, which are from around the world. The collection started in 1990.

Most Beer Mats Flipped

In Nottingham, UK, a total of 112 beermats were flipped and caught by Mat Hand. The event occurred on May 9th of 2001.

Farthest beer bottle slide

On February 21st, 2013 an event by Guinness was held where Jeffrey Ng Boon set a world record for the longest beer bottle slide. The bottle travelled a total of 14.1 meters without falling over.

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