Pubs and Bars for the bucket list

There are too many pubs and bars around the world to even mention, but there are a few extreme, beautiful, strange and most definitely wonderful pubs and bars that need to be seen to believe. Below you will find what we think are the most extravagant bars and pubs in the world and will definitely need to be seen when you are traveling.

Pelican Bar

This pub can be found in Jamaica, or close to it rather. The pub sit around 1 kilometer of the coast of Jamaica. The pub can only be reached by boat, which will take you to the pub. On the way there food can be ordered, which will be waiting for you when you arrive. A number of different drinks can be enjoyed here, while watching dolphins swim below the deck you sit.

Pelican Bar

The pub will provide all the transport required. The pub is very well priced as main meals will only cost from $5.00 to $15.00 each. The bar is set in blue sparkling waters and will provide the most amazing views.

Great Leap Brewing

Great Leap Brewing can be found in Beijing. The pub is run by an American beer enthusiast who has taken the time to find the perfect courtyard for this pub. It might be a little hard to find, but many have said it’s well worth the effort as an amazing beautiful pub can be found in the Qing-dynasty, which is 100 years old. The brewer serves a number of ales, which have been created from different local ingredients and have become known for the unique taste. This specific pub will only provide ales.

Alibi Room

Alibi Room is also fairly hidden, but not very difficult to get to. Some have described this bar to be the perfect crime hideaway. The bar is setup like a very modern saloon and will provide entertainment in the form of standup comedy, dj’s, art installations and film screenings. A wide menu of different drinks, food and snacks is available here.

Strom Crow Tavern

Now here is a pub with a massive difference. Many would say the pubis for the nerds and geeks, but who cares. The crowd is fun, the pub is different and a whole lot of new things can be seen here. The pub decided to for a steam-punk look with Dr. Who figures all over the place. A lot of thought went into the place as some drinks are also named after some well-known figures from television series and movies.

Last Chance Saloon

The last change Saloon is one of the most interesting places to visit when travellin to Canada. The pub is situated in Drumheller and will be able to provide an atmosphere of how pubs were back in the day. The saloon was established in 1913 and has remained fairly original over the years. Visitors will be able to enjoy a selection of ales, beers and a few other selected drinks that could be found in pubs. The food is wonderful and really provides the homey touch that many pubs lack the most.

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